Date of Investment: 
February 2019
Deal type: 
Expansion Capital

Metad Agricultural Development Plc (“Metad”) is one of Ethiopia’s farmer, processor and exporter of high-end coffee. The Company’s business model is to provide organic, fully traceable, high-quality coffee through a value chain approach that sees it controlling every stage of the coffee production from seed to export in order to meet international quality standards and to ensure superior customer service to some of the largest high-end coffee importers/roasters. This business model allows Metad to sell at prices that are de-linked from commoditized commercial coffee traded globally.

Through Kibo’s investment, Metad will expand its own farm base to 3 new regions in Ethiopia and set up its own cleaning facility. This will enable to increase its scale and further strengthen its position in the specialty coffee market, while at the same have more control on the value chain.