Date of Investment: 
January 2109
Deal type: 
Expansion Capital

Saviu Ventures was set up as an investment vehicle with the objective to hold investments in the tech space in both West Africa and East Africa.

The investment philosophy of SVL is to (i) identify and invest in exciting companies operating in the tech space, driven by an entrepreneur who has the drive and vision to build a successful digital company over a relatively short period of time (ii) accelerate the growth of the companies by providing them financial, strategic support and managerial support (iii) provide access to a wide network of partnerships and notably well-established corporates in the region to focus on rapid value-creating strategy through B2B approaches and finally (iv) exit the companies at the right time, either through mergers or future rounds of funding, once they have reached a critical size and value.  

Since its incorporation, it has made 8 investments in the Logistic, Fintech E-commerce, Agritech and Healthcare distribution sectors.