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27 September 2022by kib_admin

Repost from CCare Ltd (subsidiary company of CHL)

“C-Care is proud to announce that we are now CHKS (Comprehensive Health Knowledge System) accredited!

CHKS is an international accreditation body specialised in healthcare across the world which provides credible and independent recognition of the organisation’s commitment to quality improvement for patients and the different stakeholders.

This award celebrates our efforts to continuously reviewing and uplifting our processes and standards to meeting international best practices.

The accreditation process was officially launched internally on 22 November 2019, where the mascot, Mr Chic Chick, was introduced and since then has been part of the C-Care family.

A big bravo to the C-Care family for achieving another milestone!”


Congratulations to the CHL and C-Care team for this achievement!

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Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.