Kibo Capital

Kibo Capital Partners is a private equity management company, domiciled in Mauritius and licensed by the FSC as CIS Manager. Kibo Capital Partners has currently two funds under management with assets totaling US$100 million. Our funds target growth companies in Eastern and Southern Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

The African Promise


Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) is the second fastest growing region in the world; average GDP growth in SSA has been 5.6% (2000-09) and 4.1% (2010-19).
Out of the top 10 fastest growing countries by 2021: 7 will be in Africa, 6 will be in SSA and 4 will be in Kibo target markets.

Large Consumer Market

Africa’s population is expected to grow by 1.3 billion people by 2050- the largest growth of any region in the world.
Changing demographics and improving business environments will contribute to rising household consumption, which is predicted to reach $2.5 trillion by 2030

Digital Revolution

High digital penetration in SSA will be a driver for growth and could increase regional economic growth by a further to 2% per annum.

Our Investment Philosophy

Kibo Capital Partners’ investment philosophy is to participate in the rise of African economies by investing in fast growing companies, focusing on creating sustainable long term value. Specifically, Kibo Capital provides growth capital, strategic insight and a strong engagement at board level to assist companies in improving their operational performance and international expansion, dealing with the challenges of succession planning, stock exchange listings, or mergers and acquisitions with large international players.

Growth as a catalyst for value creation

We believe that value is created by focusing on revenue and margin growth but such growth needs to be managed judiciously in line with growth-related risks.

Our team has extensive expertise in:

Consumer Goods
Healthcare & Education
Financial services / Fintech
Manufacturing & Agribusiness

Active shareholder combing local presence with international reach

Kibo Capital is an active shareholder. Our primary focus is at Board level helping drive the firm’s strategy, its governance structures, and its expansion plans. This is achieved though combining a local presence and knowledge with an international reach.

Strong leverage of Kibo’s networks

Kibo Capital’s provides access to the networks of its funds’ main sponsors: Key Development Finance Institutions such DEG, IFC, AfDB and FMO and Ciel Group one of the leading industrial groups in the Target Region and facilitated through fund structures in both Mauritius and Luxembourg.

The Kibo Market

At Kibo we believe that the potential to create value in SMEs and Middle-Sized Enterprises in SSA is significant. These enterprises represent a compelling investment opportunity as:

They are important drivers, accounting for up to 90% of all businesses and contributing more than 60% of GDP
On average they tend to grow faster than the large enterprises.
40 - 60% of SMEs in the SSA need but do not have access to financing

Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.

Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.