Orange Madagascar is the leading integrated telecoms operator in Madagascar.  It has a subscriber base of 2 million and an estimated market share of 30%.  It provides cellular and data services using 2.5, 3 and 4G networks to its clients using a modern infrastructure including fibre optics thereby providing Madagascar with first class connectivity to the outside world.  The company is also a provider of mobile banking services via its Orange Money service.

As compared to most of its peers in Sub-Saharan Africa, the penetration rate of telecoms in Madagascar is still extremely low thereby presenting an evident growth opportunity to the company whether access to basic low-cost telephony in currently unserved parts of the country or high value-added data services to its corporate clients.

This investment has been successfully exited in 2021.

Date of Investment:
April 2010
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Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.

Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.