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Transcom S.A (“Transcom”) is a well-established and highly reputable vocational training, higher education and professional training provider, serving Maputo’s growing middle-income population. It is today a leader in the Mozambican Tier I private education segment, in the area of engineering. At present Transcom has 3 Business Units: Vocational Training Education – ITC, Higher Education and Applied Research – ISUTC, Senior Management Advanced Education – ENAM.

Transcom is operating close to its full capacity, therefore limiting the Company’s growth. Through Kibo’s investment, Transcom will construct a new campus in Maputo and will allow the company to increase its supply in a market with a growing student population and demand for their courses.



Dough Works Limited (“DWL”) is the franchise holder of Pizza Hut in Tanzania, a global Quick Service Restaurant (“QSR”) chain. DWL currently operates 5 stores in Dar-es-Salaam. In order to take advantage of the growing consumption in Tanzania and the appeal of global brands like Pizza Hut, DWL plans to open additional stores, not only in Dar but also in other main towns in Tanzania. In addition, DWL will seek to add more international brands under its portfolio.

Kibo’s investment will be used to fund the capita expenditure required to open the additional stores. Kibo will also play a major role in improving the corporate governance structures in the company to support the envisaged growth.



Metad Agricultural Development Plc (“Metad”) is one of Ethiopia’s farmer, processor and exporter of high-end coffee. The Company’s business model is to provide organic, fully traceable, high-quality coffee through a value chain approach that sees it controlling every stage of the coffee production from seed to export in order to meet international quality standards and to ensure superior customer service to some of the largest high-end coffee importers/roasters. This business model allows Metad to sell at prices that are de-linked from commoditized commercial coffee traded globally.

Through Kibo’s investment, Metad will expand its own farm base to 3 new regions in Ethiopia and set up its own cleaning facility. This will enable to increase its scale and further strengthen its position in the specialty coffee market, while at the same have more control on the value chain.



Saviu Ventures was set up as an investment vehicle with the objective to hold investments in the tech space in both West Africa and East Africa.

The investment philosophy of SVL is to (i) identify and invest in exciting companies operating in the tech space, driven by an entrepreneur who has the drive and vision to build a successful digital company over a relatively short period of time (ii) accelerate the growth of the companies by providing them financial, strategic support and managerial support (iii) provide access to a wide network of partnerships and notably well-established corporates in the region to focus on rapid value-creating strategy through B2B approaches.

Since its incorporation, it has made 8 investments in the Logistic, Fintech E-commerce, Agritech and Healthcare distribution sectors.



Merec Industries SA is the leading manufacturing company of wheat-based food products in Mozambique. The company started operations in wheat milling and later moved into production of wheat-based products to emerge as a diversified FMCG food manufacturer. Its five product lines comprise: wheat milling, maize milling, pasta, biscuits, and animal feed. In the wheat milling market, Merec has a market share of about 36% and the region’s largest milling capacity outside of South Africa.



Tropigalia SA (“Tropigalia”) is involved in the import and distribution of food and non-food products in Mozambique. With over 3,000 SKUs available, Tropigalia sources products from multinational FMCG players including: Colgate-Palmolive, Pioneer Foods, Dr. Oetker, Milaneza and Bavaria; spread across three continents and forty brands on an exclusive basis.  Tropigalia’s distribution network targets all key consumer markets within Mozambique and covers both direct and indirect sales channels.

Kibo’s investment has enabled Tropigalia to expand operations by supporting: the addition of new products to its offering; growing the sales of existing SKUs, and; further enhancing market reach, with the largely untapped informal sector playing a key role in achieving this goal.



Blowplast Limited is one of East Africa’s leading producers of rigid and semi-rigid plastic packaging. From its two production facilities in Nairobi, it serves both the Kenyan as well as the wider East African markets. The company focuses exclusively on business-to-business, supplying clients in the Oil & lubricants, edible oil, pharmaceutical products & cosmetics industry as well as food grade packaging.

Through Kibo’s investment, Blowplast is expanding its existing lines capacity and venture into more markets in East Africa and beyond.



Ciel Healthcare Limited (‘CHL’) invests in and manages secondary and tertiary healthcare assets across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). CHL’s objective is to build a strong healthcare regional platform through the implementation of a ‘Buy and Build’ strategy. In line with this strategy, CHL and its investment partners have acquired majority stakes in Fortis Clinique Darne (Mauritius), International Medical Group (Uganda) and Hygeia Nigeria Limited (Nigeria).

CHL will expand the service offerings in its existing hospitals and further expand its footprint in Africa to address the booming healthcare sector.

Kibo has carried out this investment in partnership with CIEL Limited, IFC, PROPARCO and IFHA II.

Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.

Copyright by KIBO CAPITAL. All rights reserved.